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  • How Long Does It Take To Get The Album After I've Purchased It?
    As soon as you have purchased it you can download it imeediatly to your chosen device
  • Can You Make Tracks Especially For Shows?
    Yes We can organise a Video Meeting with you to find out exactly what your requirments are and we will deliver the best Show Tracks for the best price.
  • You Dont Have Show Music For The Artiste I Do A Tribute To?
    Dont Worry there are 2 options Option 1 . You can put in an order to have the music made especially for you Option 2 . Fill Out The Show Request Form and in our vote section to have that music created.
  • Will I Be The Only Artiste With The Concert Show Tracks?
    Unfortunately no, but our study shows that only people really serious about their craft invest in great music whilst others will continue to get tracks from YouTube. However the Adds so much to the show that all you have to do is create the best show and you'll never have to worry as theyre are enough gigs for the BEST tributes and Entertainers.
  • Do You Create Intros and Outro's For shows
    YEH!!!!! and the great news is we have thrown them in free with all the ablums. So you will get the 1Hr Show Of Tracks including Intro and Outro Designed to the first and last songs.
  • Do You Only Design Music For Solo Artistes
    Nooooooo!!!! We design shows for bands theatre shows as well. We can supply all our tracks with Click Tracks and drop out tracks to allow live players to play along.
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