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Ariana - The Sweetener Tour Backing Tracks

Concert Show Tracks - Ariana Grande Live Backing Tracks

Ariana is our princess of pop with her amazing shows and love for her audiences. Ariana has redefined changing her tracks for her live shows to give them a sparkle few artistes can deliver.

Concert Show Tracks have created 12 amazing tracks from her Sweetner Tour to give all Ariana tributes and entertainers that sparkle when they sing along to these tracks.

Ariana | The Sweetener Tour

Live Backing Tracks

Coming Soon

Ariana - Sweetener Tour Guide Tracks

Ariana | Sweetner Tour Live Backing Tracks

Tracks Produced By - Marc Andrew

Backing Vocals - Marc Andrew / Ashley McCullagh 

Tracks Produced At - Splash Studios

Guide Vocals - Abby Davidson

Original Songs By Ariana

Versions Created From -  Sweetener Tour

© Concert Show Tracks 2022

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